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Wildfox Couture jacket, Maison Scotch shorts, Body Glove sunglasses, Michael Kors brown bracelet and ring on my right, Fossil bracelet, H&M bracelet and ring on my left, Diego dalla Palma lipstick, Essie nailpolish- ph. by MIKE
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Good morning girls!
Too hot the weather in Milan but at the same time I really wanted wear this beautiful Wildfox jacket…so this is the result. I’m almost naked but my jacket was with me!
With my Maison Scotch shorts instead, I can’t do any mistakes, they’re always perfect, with basic or pop colors.
Let me know girls, I hope you like the mix!

Bonjour ragazze!
Troppo caldo e la voglia di indossare questa meraviglia di giacca firmata Wildfox. L’idea è stata scoprirmi altrove, gli shorts di maison Scotch come al solito non deludono e reggono il gioco. Divertente no?
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