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Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2014-15 –  ph. by Marica Viganò

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Details (source by web):

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(Backstage make-up and hair, source by web)
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In the Roberto Cavalli’s instagram I found a phrase that explain in the best way ever his recent collection:  ”nature is the inspiration of my creativity”. –  With the terms “nature”, maybe we think about plants or animals, but there are something more attractive and beautiful to see.  Just fire that burns and give off his power. These are the beautiful things we saw at the Roberto Cavalli show; models that walked a burned circle lines with amazing  long dresses.

Two opposites silhouettes; the first one is about  long BEAUTIFUL black dresses , precious and sparkling with “fire shades” at the bottom for a sexy, feminine and super powerful woman. The second silhouette instead is about straight dresses with super dynamic fringes. The length this time is “over the knee” for a woman that it’s not a girl by a long time.

About the materials, next Fall/Winter will be full of fur, chiffon and crocodile. Elegant but wild is the right term also for hair and make-up.

 I really can’t explain how much I’m in love with this collection. “Keep burning girls”.


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