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CabanRomantic Jacket/dress, Marc Jacobs sandals, Hugo Boss clutch, Michael Kors watch, Mike

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2. Location of my dinner party: The Room, Milano

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Finally it’s arrived also my 25th birthday and I can’t hide that If I could back to my eighteen I were very happy! But life if full of joy, love and satisfaction, so live the life to fullest and be happy everyday, this is what I think. …..But the post is about a wonderful look and about a party so let me explain!

1. What I wore at my Birthday is the best dress ever from one of my favorite brand at the moment: CabanRomantic! Just a month ago I bought also these wonderful wedges from Marc Jacobs and I can’t do a best purchase, they’ll be surely my summer sandals.

2. For my birthday dinner party instead, I chose an amazing location; The Room is the name and it’s located in Porta Romana, exactly in Via Giulio Romano 8.

First time I was strucked by its american mood (and menu) so I can’t resist and I spent there my birthday!

I hope can be a good tip for you, Above all on sunday for a brunch or for a cute and stylish dinner.

Have you a wonderful week my lovely readers.


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