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Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Jumpsuit and fringe leather vest, Oliver People sunglasses, Grevi Hat, Gil Santucci first leather jacket,  Ash sandals,  Michael Kors watch and bracelet, Stroili Oro necklace – ph. by Mike

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Sometimes I’m really able to adapt my style to my daily mood in an incredible way.

If you observed my slide you surely notice how much is different the first look from the second, and this one with the third. This fact is  absolutely my favorite thing. I love change inspiration, mood, style everyday and I think I can’t identify one or two adjectives for me. But if I can’t this, I can easily chose my favorite brands; Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is one of these, I love wearing top, shirts, jumpsuits, long skirts, I fell always comfortable and stylish and these clothes.

So, this post talk about yesterday, when my mood was a little bit …”Indie-folk”. I hope you like it.



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