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There’s nothing I love more than wearing WHITE garments in winter.

 No matter if  it’s raining,  I always love to feel comfy  and wearing lovely WHITE shirt,  over sweater or white dress at night. So here we go again with a new list of items that involve one of my current obsessions. But this pleasure usually is determined by the fabric or the structure of the clothing I wear.  Wearing high quality garments is the most important thing (I love it when wool,  cotton or even better cashmere) and I found this incredible quality on Gilmarbox Outlet. You can take inspiration from these amazing editorials and get your white look  (or something else obviously) in this super cute shop, which has top quality brands like N°21, Iceberg, Frankie Morello, Ice Iceberg, Brooksfield.

So this is what happens; my brains works like this, if I’m totally obsessed with something, whether it’s a specific trend or item I’m looking for this every day. I start to think my closet it’s not enough,  that it’s empty, and that without my WHITE garment, I can die.

So just in that moment of madness I discovered this shop online a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with this  gourgeousness as it’s so elegant yet modern. I found multiple outfits, and every dress is something of original.

So here goes my proposal! Two amazing N°21 dresses, a white fluffy bag and  black décolletés to complete the look.  These items follow my mood but you don’t matter if you’re more casual/sporty or punk-ish, you’ll surely find your personal style

Find your look  and enjoy my inspiration!

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Where you can find some cool (white) items like these: Gilmarbox Outlet

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 photo Schermata11-2456985alle222520.png

 photo Schermata11-2456984alle135911.png

 photo Schermata11-2456984alle135601.png

 photo Schermata11-2456984alle135313.png

 photo Schermata11-2456985alle231149-1.png
 photo Schermata11-2456985alle231204-1.png

Editorials inspiration: 1) Marie Claire Australia, 2)WSJ Magazine, 3) WSJ Magazine, 4) Elle Australia June 2014, 5) Runway source OracleFox

Shop the inspiration here : Gilmarbox Outlet



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