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Today a special post about my last addiction (but surely I’m not the only one): the Septum Ring.

You surely already see it on all best models, influencers, this is the last jewellery trend and if you’re crazy enough to follow every fashion/beauty tendency we’re on the same way.

This is the time to try it. 

I spent my last four month to discover a place/shop/site where I can buy the right model of this (fake) septum ring. Because it can be easy, but I think that choose the best one for you, (to not look alike a zombie/alternative/bizarre person), is really difficult.

This is finally the post to tell you I found the right model for me, I lost my mind and not only for a model one, I check on my list three of them (also the category price is a-m-a-z-i-n-g), and obviously I already order my favorite.

I found it on FreshTrends and I can’t wait to wear it. (You can find on that site the fake but also a lot of real!)

The septum ring is a typical jewel not perfect for every girls/woman. Before following trends or fashion, you always think to you and to you your personality, this is the most important thing.

So if you think that something similar it could be “too much”, don’t worry and wait next trends.

But if you like it, I found the best place to buy it (fake or not).


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 photo ak7op0-l.jpg

 photo 190888.jpg


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Obviously, as always, I’m waiting yours.

I’m here for any informations or something else.

In the meantime I can’t wait to post the septum ring on me and …show you!




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