DENIM TRENDS 2015: Women Ripped Jeans

 photo RippedJeans_3.jpg

Fall Winter 2015 Uniform

In the last period I thought about my next Fall Winter uniform. So I thought at first to some important accessories, like shoes, (it) bags, and belts but then, my thought going to my favorite Fall jeans. If you follow last trends, you surely notice that ripped jeans are the last jeans trend in 2015 after the boyfriend one, so let’s go and talk about it!

There are a lot of different models, ripped on the knee like my favorites (you can see them in the pictures below).

I have three different colors, below the white and the black one that I use especially in Winter, the blue one in summer but I have not a photos.  I love match ripped jeans with different jacket, from the fur at the leather, also with a cute hippie style, doesn’t matter, the important thing is be super stylish. I bought these two in two different shops, the white one is from Zara, the black one from Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren. But you can also create something similar with the DIY, so I think it’s easy, chose your favorite and cut it in a ripped jeans!

 photo wpid-Ripped-Jeans-_1.jpg

The second options instead is… a mix between “boyfriend” and “ripped” like this “celebrity style”.

I love all these outfit, especially the second one with the white t shirt, it’s easy but glamorous just like I love. If you chose to leave the DIY because too dangerous I suggest a cute shop online where I often buy my jeans (just like this one that’s my favorite), so you can chose your pair HERE

 photo wpid-Ripped-Jeans-Outfit-Polyvore-2014-2015-6.jpg


Also bloggers loves this trend, these three outfit are surely my favorites.

 photo main.original.jpg

 photo pumps-tote-bag-boyfriend-jeans-tank-blazer-sunglasses-original-6796.jpg

So choose girls, remember what has worked for you in the past, but don’t be afraid to try something different.

Let me know!



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