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Surely you’ve spent weeks buying gifts for your loved ones, carefully packaging them  and then again and again. Surely you’ve forgot yourself (also if your parents not, with not helpful presents) don’t worry girls, this is the best time of the year.

It’s sale’s time. It’s time to treat yourself and you can easily buy everything still on your wishlist.

Every year I start from the coat and finish with the shoes. Obviously I prefer the web, the shopping online it’s surely better, because shops/stores are too crowded.  And I can’t forget to show on my blog tips and suggestions about my favorite pieces. In this post you can see one of my favorite (affordable) item. Pastel tweed coat is in my heart from many seasons but this time I felt in love with this light blue glamorous coat, discovered on my favorite shop online “Simons”.

Without a doubt you can prefer different color like black, burgundy, grey but I thought that this was a little more unusual. I can easily match this tweed coat with jeans, with my camel bag for a casual result, or with a lace black dress for a romantic/elegant mood. Or, why not with pair a casual cotton mini skirt with thigh-high boots and a cute clutch.

There are so many ways to subvert the usual sad (and grey) winter with different light clothing! Don’t you think?

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This is just a suggestion, next week I’m going to post an interesting article about ten winter must-haves that you can’t miss so you can spent days buying gifts…for you!



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